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Adidas NHL Jersey - Adizero Unveil

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Sports marketing campaign, multi-platform unveil and activation for Adidas’ NHL Adizero Jersey.

ADIUnveil_3D BG.jpg


At the beginning of the 2017 offseason, adidas' official partnership with NHL began, and with it came the official unveil of the new adidas Adizero NHL Uniform.  However, long before this moment our team was hard at work in preparation.  Beginning with the uniform design process, the culmination of years of R&D, to many months of creative exploration and development forming what would be the unveil campaign it was a long journey that shaped the tip of the spear for adidas' first venture into the world of hockey.  As an apprentice in the Sports License Division, I had the opportunity to support the Sr. Designers in the beginning stages of the uniform design.  As the unveil approached I had the privilege of helping to form the creative direction of the unveil creative, develop numerous design solutions, and refining our vision, and producing the final content.

What you see below is not only my work but the product of hundreds of hard working and passionate creators.  From the uniform and identity design teams, to the tech designers, color+material designers, production artists, creative directors, and assembly team at the production facilities, none of this would have been possible without everyone's contribution and investment.

Though I was involved in many areas of development, my primary hand in the work shown below was in the development, refinement, and creation of the motion graphics suite used to roll out the new uniform.

- Special shout out to Dominique Fillion, Jeff Eagles, and Frank Dipinto who showed tremendous leadership and passion throughout the process.

- Another shout out to Gary Land of Gary Land Photography and his top notch team, the masters behind the still and video assets used in the campaign.


Motion Design
Event Marketing
Social Marketing
Digital Graphics
Concept Development

BOS_NHL Lockup.png

Shown above is the hero uniform animation. Composited into the uniforms natural environment and treated with technical glitch distortions, the Adizero uniform is showcased for avid fans to enjoy. Each uniform received specific treatments and provided each team with the opportunity to showcase their new sweater.

Below is a collection of three micro-posts used on social media to drive fan interest leading up to the unveil.  It also gave our team a chance to showcase some of the state-of-the-art technology implemented in the construction of these new sweaters.


adidas Adizero NHL Uniform | Teaser 1

adidas Adizero NHL Uniform | Teaser 2

adidas Adizero NHL Uniform | Teaser 3

adidas Adizero NHL Uniform | Social Teaser 1

adidas Adizero NHL Uniform | Social Teaser 2

adidas Adizero NHL Uniform | Philadelphia Flyers

adidas Adizero NHL Uniform | Philadelphia Flyers | Square

adidas Adizero NHL Uniform | Philadelphia Flyers | Vertical