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RJ Hampton Athlete Identity

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Basketball Logo and Identity Design for rising talent: RJ Hampton



When approached by ProInitiative LLC, a brand development and management business with a niche in athletics, I had the opportunity to develop and craft the personal brand identity for rising basketball talent, RJ Hampton.  As a top recruit in the class of 2020, RJ’s growing position in the basketball world and sports media gave strong incentive for him to pair his persona with a concrete visual.

With a monogram based on his initials in mind, the goal was to unify the letterforms and inject them with a basketball element.  After exploration, development, and refinement, we landed on an emblematic interpretation of the basketball hoop as reference to the game and as a containing shape for RJ’s initials.

Design Priorities
- R+J+H
- Monogram Style
- Basketball Element



Logo Design


Jeremy Nelson was a pleasure to work with. He is super professional and deeply cares about your project as if it is his. He thoroughly takes his time to ensure that each aspect of your project is met with diligence and careful attention to detail. I highly recommend his services for anyone looking for design work.

- Chris Smith, CEO ProInitiative

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