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A unified collection of visual elements that embody, identity systems represent, and communicate for a brand. Including a suite of logos, typography system, color palette, graphic elements, textures, patterns, photography styles, branded layouts, and more, identities make up the visual core of a brand’s DNA.

Even though an Identity is NOT a brand, it holds a unique position as it’s often the first point of contact between a brand, their customers, and is the most easily recognizable element of a brand.


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Acting as the tip of the spear, the logo is and serves as the primary identifier of a brand while living within an ecosystem of brand elements,

Logos can be literal or abstract, but primarily serve as a means to identify a brand, differentiate it from competition, and leave a memorable impression.


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Regardless of platform, written text is still the most widely consumed form of communication and conveys brand messaging with a unique tone and character.

Custom typefaces serve as a primary point of brand differentiation when most opt to use one of many ubiquitous and familiar typefaces. Crafted as a limited collection or more extensive family, custom type is tailored to your vision & needs.


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Aimed at crafting the perception of your business, brand design is an ongoing and multidimensional process.

Grounded by a business’ core values and goals, brand design helps identify, understand, and serve consumers, find a unique position within the market, and establishing a clear and consistent system of communication that expresses their personality, creates connection, and builds loyalty.



Have a more specific creative need?

Here’s a breakout of my areas of expertise and services I offer.

- Identity Design
- Logo Design
- Illustration
- Typeface Design
- Motion Design
- Animation (2D + 3D)
- Apparel Graphics
- Compositing/Retouching



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