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MIBR - Made In Brazil

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eSports Branding, Identity Design, and Jersey Design for iconic CS:GO team: Made In Brazil

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In early 2018, I had the opportunity to team up with leadership at Immortals LLC. to create the new brand identity for iconic esports franchise Made In Brazil (MIBR).  Six years after their dispersal from the professional ranks of CS:GO, the acquisition of MIBR came with an opportunity to reinvent the team in the rapidly evolving landscape of pro eSports.

Through research into the teams history, consultation with team members, and with direction from management, a set of distilled brand values were identified and design direction established.

With one of the most passionate fan bases in all of sport, it was paramount that the new identity maintain the core DNA of the old MIBR while reintroducing them with sleek, modern, and precise execution.


Logo Design
Apparel Design





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“Jeremy was efficient and timely in first creating the color scheme and style of the MIBR brand, then running us through multiple different design options and eventually finalizing both a logo and various differing jerseys that helped us communicate our vision of the brand externally. We had previously worked with Jeremy and knew we could count on him to deliver despite our quick timelines.”
Tomi Kovanen, COO. MIBR


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Video produced by the MIBR team. Credit to their team and respective owners.

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