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Daphne Rangers Academy Club Branding

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Sports Branding, Identity System, and Logo Reveal for Alabama Youth Soccer Club.

DaphneRangers Academy Crest


Teaming up with leadership at the Daphne Strike Soccer Club (DSSC), I had the chance to rebrand their club identity system the goal of repositioning the team in closer alignment with the larger family of Rangers FC feeder clubs and presenting themselves as the professional youth soccer program that they are.  Supporting the new logo suite, I also had the opportunity to create an unveil video for their new crest with supporting digital and print creative.

This project was a pleasure to take on and I can't speak highly enough of the team over at the Academy.  Shout out to Curt! 


Identity Design
Mascot Design
Logo Design
Motion Graphics
Presentation Design

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Jeremy’s work is top notch plain and simple. From the beginning concepts, through delivery of the final proofs JND provided high end quality work, was a consummate professional, and provided information about the project frequently and with detail. As a studio artist myself, I can’t say enough great things about Jeremy’s approach, quality, attention to detail and overall project management. Thanks Jeremy!

Curt Houston, DRA VP

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