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Dean College Bulldogs Athletics Rebrand

Athletics identity and mascot rebrand for the Dean College Bulldogs, a Division III NCAA institution in the greater Boston area.



Looking to refresh the face of their athletics department, Dean College approached me with the goal of developing a bespoke bulldog mark to embody the spirit and resolve of Boomer, their school mascot.  Inspired by the iconic statue of Boomer the Bulldog, located on their campus, the new mark represents a cleaner and more distilled rendering of the bulldog form while capturing the determined and tenacious attitude of the athletes it represents.  

Core to the design process was accentuating the key features of Boomer in order to give Dean a unique and custom crafted totem that their athletes and student body can own and rally around.


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“We had a great experience working with Jeremy Nelson. From the outset of our logo refresh project, Jeremy took the time to understand our brand and incorporate various elements of our identity into his artwork. We were very impressed with the presentation of his design concepts, as it allowed us to visualize how our updated logo would look across various mediums. His final design concept was exactly what we were looking formodern and clean, all while still encompassing the long standing tradition of our institution. It was a pleasure to work with Jeremy on this project.”

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