Apex Mk3

Workhorse sans-serif typeface


A robust display typeface, Apex Mark 3 takes inspiration from classic geometric forms, sans serifs, and workhorse athletic block type.  Simplicity of form gives it flexibility for a broad range of uses, while its geometric frame provides the foundation for its decisive tone. Including seven weights, the family ranges from Thin (100) to Black (900) and supports Western European languages.

To give it a test drive, hit the button below for a free copy of Apex Mk3 Duo, a full sample of two weights from the full font family: Extra-Light and Medium.  Free for personal and commercial use, this sample is locked, loaded, and ready for action.

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- Adaptable in its tone

- Durable for many sizes

- Understated expression

- Multilingual Support


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Usage Rights

Both the full type family and free weights of Apex Mk3 are available for personal and commercial use. Re-distribution of font files is prohibited without the expressed consent of Jeremy Nelson.

Got a questions about typography and type design?  Drop me a line with the contact below.

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