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Toboggan is a utility display typeface that balances the precision of a geometric foundation, mechanical construction, sweeping contours inspired by the automotive world, and humanist flare taken from the written hand.

Thriving in a headline or titling role, Toboggan's strong presence can command the typographic lead, but with 9 weights, upright, and true italics, the total of 18 fonts offer flexibility for a wide range of uses from the precision of its Thin weight to an imposing Super. From columns of extended text, to artful editorial layouts, or eye-catching motion graphics, the versatility of the full family means it can take center stage or recede to the back for any task at hand.

Full Font: License from Creative Market

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Including two weights: Light (300) and Medium Italic(500), and an All-Caps version of Toboggan Heavy, this demo is
free for personal, commercial use, and ready to ride. And if you use Toboggan on any of your projects, send me a snapshot - I always love seeing how how other creatives put my fonts to work!

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- 18 Total fonts: 9 weights & true Italics
- Multilingual support (Extended Latin - Includes Western European coverage and more)
- OpenType features including alternates, small-caps, contextual punctuation
- Extensive numeral sets including stylistic sets, circled, and squared numbers
- OTF/WOFF/WOFF2 file formats
- Free future updates and feature expansion

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Type Design


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Usage Rights

Both the full type family and free weights of Toboggan are available for personal and commercial use. Re-distribution of font files is prohibited without the expressed consent of Jeremy Nelson. By Downloading, accessing, installing, or using the fonts in any capacity, you are agreeing with the accompanying license and limitations. Full details can be found within the license included in your purchase/download package.

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