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First inspired by aboriginal writing systems and tribal typography, Yeager is characterized by angular strokes and irregular joint placements. Like the creative process, the typeface went through a series of evolutions that refined it’s weight, proportion, and defining features in an effort to expand it’s usability.

The final result features a machined style of construction that took on a geometric angles and form, reminiscent of military typography, that lends Yeager a grounded voice of authority, confidence, and precision.  the combination of hard and soft corners gives it a distinct voice that is also adaptable to a wide variety of applications.

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The V1 release of Yeager displayed above is  Free for Personal + Commercial Use.
Sole ownership and rights to the typeface belong to Jeremy Nelson + Jeremy Nelson Design.

Distribution of the typeface is permissible upon request.

For further questions and inquiries please contact me directly:

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